Introduction to the Advanced Dermal Filler Training

The advanced dermal filler training is an alternative to the cosmetic surgery. The treatment if temporary and is non-surgical. Unlike the advance Botox training, which helps in reducing the development of wrinkles by affecting the small facial muscles, the dermal filler treatment will simply plump up and fill the wrinkles and the facial movement is not affected. The advance dermal filler trainingis based on the treating with chemicals and there are different brands using different chemicals or the pumping solutions such as collagen, calcium hydroxyapatites, hyaluronic acid, etc. But any of the solutions used, they perform similar functions:

  • The advance dermal filler training helps in reduction of the signs of aging process.
  • The look of the scarring is improved.
  • The main function of the treatment is to alter the facial structure and contour which could be misbalanced features and some defects. The effect of the dermal filler treatment will last for almost a year.
  • The treatment of the dermal filler can mostly administer by the dermatologists.

 Advanced Botox Training

Working of the Advanced Dermal Filler Training

The main feature of the dermal filler treatment is to add volume to the skin. The dermis layer of skin is used for filling and plumping out instantly. The dermis layer is the layer that lies between the surface layer, epidermis and the hypodermis which is the fatty layer. The main function of the dermis layer is to hold blood vessels, hair follicles, sweat glands, and every other thing which the skin is used for. All these layers are held together by the connective tissues whichconsist of two proteins: elastin (required for skin elasticity) and collagen (required for skin firmness).  As one age, the collagen and the elastin proteins production starts depleting in a significant manner thus the skin starts losing its firmness and tightness. The advanced dermal filler training, unlike the advance Botox training, will replace the elastin and collagen and allow the wrinkles and the dips to rise with the rejuvenated plump up solution.


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